Roll up, roll in, our Roller Skaters are here to stay!

Our roller skate performers take roller skating to a new level of entertainment with their stunts, tricks and dance moves all performed on roller skates. 

Our roller skating performances can enliven many events such as street promotions, marketing campaigns, TV adverts, music videos, club nights, festivals, charity events, corporate events, weddings and more!

Whether they’re meeting and greeting your guests, or entertaining and interacting with them during your event, you’re guaranteed impact, atmosphere and colourful, dazzling fun. 

Roller skating shows can feature a pair of roller skaters, a trio, or we can bring together a large group of roller dancers to choreograph into a flash mob event. 


Our professional roller skaters have performed for Urban Outfitters, Champion, Tommy Hilfigure and Zendaya!

With choreographed roller skating shows that will take your breath away with their creative performance, to hostesses that can serve or promote products, Flair Entertainment has roller skills for any occasion.